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This page is in progress. Will it ever be finished? I hope not!

I know there are many out there, who like me enjoy to travel just for the sake of it. This world is so large, and there are so many places to see, people to know, things to learn. I don't like to travel in groups. In fact, I like to travel alone. This adds a special dimension. Yes I feel alone, also when I'm surrounded by people, actually even more then. And I like that feeling.
For no special reason, I decided to set up a site with some pictures of places and some of my thoughts. If you want to share some of them, take a look at the map below. I have highlighted some of the places where I have been, at least the interesting ones, and those who had a special meaning for me. The areas in red are those for which I have a dedicated page, where you can find some photos, my comments, and various bits of information. Just click on a red spot and try.
The areas in yellow are those in preparation, so if you are interested please be patient and come back in a while. All the rest in gray are places for which I do not have pics or time for a WEB page, or which are all too well-known anyway.

Iceland Hong Kong & Macau Philippines Yakutia Australia Australia Australia Australia Japan Singapore Malaysia Malaysia Baikal & Buryatia India Tonga Cook Islands Southern Japan Southern Japan Niue Red Sea Vanuatu Laos French Polynesia Hawaii New Zealand Indonesia Fiji

Australia Baikal & Buryatia Cambodia Cook Islands Dubai Hong Kong & Macau Iceland India Japan Okinawa Laos Malaysia Myanmar Niue Philippines Red Sea Samoa Singapore S. Korea Taiwan Tonga Tuvalu Vanuatu Vietnam Yakutia

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This page was created on March 3, 1999. This page was updated on January 11, 2008.
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