sam01 The ferry is the vital link between the two main islands of Western Samoa, as well as with the American Samoa. sam02 Rain can be intense, as seen here in the capital Apia. sam03 Fishing in the Apia harbour. In the background, one of the longboats used for traditional races. sam04 The most common means of transportation, often quite crowded. sam05 An even more crowded transport. sam06 Manono island. sam07 Free-ranging pigs are ubiquitous. So are dogs, which are very noisy especially at night and can be an hazard on the roads. sam08 A game of kirikiti, the local version of cricket. sam09 A view of the coastline on Savai'i island. sam10 Savai'i, the largest island, is less populated than Upolu, where the capital Apia is located. Road traffic is an abstract concept. sam11 One of many beaches. Swimming inside the reef is often only possible at high tide. sam12 A tropical view. sam13 The beach at Fagamalo is spectacular, and not very crowded. sam14 The only dive shop on Savai'i is located at Fagamalo and Manase. It's run by the friendly and experienced Flavia and Fabien. sam15 The sunset show is about to begin. sam16 Samoan are proud to boast sam17 Fishing in the last light of the day. sam18 Sunset-colored clouds and a rainbow compete to decorate the sky. sam19 Another beach view at Fagamalo. Though it looks peaceful in the daytime, it's actually a battleground for tens of dogs at night. As often in Samoa, not for light-sleepers. sam20 Good bye, Samoa. Sad to leave the beautiful views, but glad to find sleep again.