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The entrance of the temple complex by Narita. This is very close to the Tokyo's largest international airport, and if you have a few spare hours between flights, a visit is well worthy the departure tax that you will have to pay when returning to the airport. The Narita village can be reached in a few minutes by train from the airport.
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In addition to seeing the several temples and shrines, of which this is the largest,...
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... you can experience a close encounter with graceful aspects of Japanese culture...
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... as well as with more edonistic ones, such as a vis-a-vis with udon (a kind of thick spaghetti), shabu-shabu (cook your own meat at the table), and tempura fried food. So much better than the airport's McDonalds, as you can guess from the smile on the face of these happy stop-over customers.
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From Narita village, it's another short hop by train to get directly into the heart of Tokyo. This is Ginza, a big shopping district.
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Sunset casts a golden light in the Nagoya port, illuminating modern structures...
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... as well as more traditional sights.
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Life is busy on the temple complex in Kyoto.
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Like westerners, Japanese like to have insight into their future. In the temples, you can find objects like this: it contains many sticks, each with a different piece of paper which will tell a different story. Shake well, pick your stick and read your future. Sounds familiar?
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Still in Kyoto, a negotiation goes on between the old and the news sides of Japan for a photo shoot.
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In a different corner of Kyoto, a different world. Time seems frozen on the waters of this pond, which reflects the beautiful and famous Golden Temple...
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... as well as some other less famous but equally beautiful sights.
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Not far from Kyoto, the Nara complex was the seat of the first emperors of Japan. Today, deers rule the scene and can be quite determined in their demands.
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No it's not the zoo, it's the gate to the complex in Nara.
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If you are tall, watch your head when you are in a Japanese home.
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The setting for the Green Tea Cerimony.
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If you are ever invited to drink green tea in a home, don't think that you can get away with just gulping away your cup. It is a full cerimony with the weight of a tradition of centuries, and people go to class to learn it. One such class is about to start...
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... and the first thing to do is pay honor to the teacher.
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Japanese food is not only delicious, but also it pleases the eye.
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Calligraphy is an art, and as such ancient writings deserve a place in the national museum.
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A life-size blue whale guards the entrance to the National Science Museum in Tokyo.
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In the heart of busy Tokyo, the gardens of the imperial gardens are an oasis of peace.
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Space is vital in Tokyo, and parking your car may require something more than just a look in the rear view mirror.
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Half-way up on the television tower, you begin to get a view on Tokyo...
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...but it's only when you reach the top that you can see the real dimension of the metropolis.
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Trying out new food is always fun.
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OK, this one is dedicated to italians:-)
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The best way to appreciate Japan is to live with a family, as the photo clearly demonstrates.
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A close up for those hungry eyes.


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I visited Japan during December 1994 and January 1995, and later again on a stop over in March 1998. I visited Tokyo and surroundings, Nagoya, Kyoto. To me Japan is a land of never-ending astonishment, and I felt like I was on another planet. I loved the food, and I hated the high prices. One thing I have learned, is respect for those groups of closely packed, camera-clicking tourists that we see on the streets of Europe: after feeling like an alien in Japan, I know how they must feel over here.

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