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IMG_1878 A colorful display outside a shop. IMG_1873 Cyclos are used to transport tourists... IMG_2087 ... or stuff of all kinds. IMG_2152 An extra long transport. IMG_1846 Not too many interesting sights in Hanoi, and most of them not well preserved. IMG_1854 The small island of Ngoc Son on Hoan Kiem lake is an exception, always crowded with foreign and local visitors. IMG_2027 Another view of Ngoc Son, with some modern bright colors. IMG_1864 Access to the islet, through a colorful gate. IMG_1869 A sight at the Ngoc Son temple. IMG_1855 The influence of french colonization is reflected in many houses, like here in Hanoi. IMG_1880 Antoher example of colorful, mixed architecture in Hanoi. IMG_2007 Chinese architecture also has a strong influence. This small gate in Hanoi is very well preserved. IMG_1877 Street sellers are ubiquitous. IMG_1995 The crowded IMG_1884 Scooters dominate the scene, and street crossing may seem daunting at first but in fact it is quite natural once you learn. IMG_1893 Waiting for the green light. IMG_1901 A display of corals for sale on the streets of Hanoi. Enviromental concerns are not yet a worry here. IMG_1912 Vietnam is a communist country, and proud of its achievements in the war against capitalism. The Vietnam War was in fact a source of tragedies for all sides, still deeply embedded in the life of all vietnamese at home and abroad. IMG_1920 The entrance gate to the Temple of Literature in Hanoi. IMG_1928 The stone stelae commemorating the ancient laureates. Like many monuments here, they are quite deteriorated unfortunately. IMG_1951 A display of souvenirs tries to lure the tourists. IMG_1962 A sight which reminds of Angkor Wat as it might have been a few centuries ago. IMG_1967 Another sight at the Temple of Literature. IMG_1983 The Ho Chi Minh mausoleum in Hanoi. Like most museums in Vietnam, it has strange opening hours, and you have to plan your visit carefully.
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