You probably landed here from a web page in which the pictures were taken with a digital camera. This either was a 2Mpix Olympus, or a 3Mpix Canon.
Underwater pictures were taken typically with one of those disposable cameras. In spite of their cheap price, I find that the pictures are usually decent. In some cases I have obtained pictures of some quality even at twenty meters' depth. In at least one case, I was however disappointed even with pictures taken just under the water in full daylight.
The pictures were subsequently scanned using a medium quality (i.e., not the cheapest model, but certainly not top of the line) scanner. Typical resolutions used were 300dpi for the prints, and 1200dpi for the slides. On average, it takes me about 40 minutes to scan and organize a 36-slides set, somewhat less for prints.
The images shown on my pages were usually resampled from the original resolution of the scans, down to about 800x600 or 640x480 in order to save bandwidth for the viewers. Only those from the 2Mpix digital camera are in full 1024X768 resolution. The images are usually 24bit JPG.

In order to work on the images, and to generate the HTML pages, I have relied almost completely on freeware available partly on the Windows side, and partly for Unix/Linux.
The text is solely my own, and I am responsible for any idiocy or mistake you may notice. In such cases, I would be grateful if you could point to me the offending line, and I'll try to correct it.

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A. Richichi