AAO Lunar Occultations Archive

Arcetri Lunar Occultations Archive

Last updated on 13-Nov-02 at 15:57:20 by A. Richichi
Total: 845 occultations.

The AAO LO data archive has been reorganized as of July 2000. Older documents, as well as entry points to the data and software directories, are no longer available. If you need these features, please contact the author directly. The new archive consists of the following documents:

Format 1
Format 2
Archive Table (WEB version) MS Excel PDF (94kB)
Companion Document to the Archive Table MS Word PDF (128kB)
List of publications(*) MS Word HTML (*)
Telescope and Instrument Codes MS Word PDF (69kB)
Quick Reference Data - Legenda MS Word PDF (59kB)
*The list of publications is maintained on another server

The list of publications contains links to the papers in electronic format, when available. Note that the reorganization of the archive, which has included a change in OS platform among many other things, has been quite substantial. As a result, it is not possible for the moment to browse and download the individual source subdirectories for external users, however we do continue to provide this service based on specific requests. Please register if you want to submit requests or to keep in touch with developments.

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