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tuv19 In spite of the heat and fatigue, the dancers still manage wonderful smiles. tuv20 A less global way of fishing. Tuvaluans fish from their small motor or paddle boats, or simply standing on the reef. The country also has a fleet of two professional fishing vessels, but they are idle because there is no way to export their catch. tuv21 The Vaiaku Lagi hotel, the only one in the country. tuv21b The Philatelic Bureau of Tuvalu is well worth a visit. tuv22 The lagoon is too shallow for any significant diving, and  snorkelling is not particularly rewarding either. However, with 30C water, it serves as a wonderful spa. tuv23 The water is not very clear, at least close to the village (better at the edges of the atoll). Still, swimming is a pleasant activity. tuv24 One of the outer motu's on the left. In the middle of the picture, at the horizon, the two trawlers, permanently anchored. tuv25 The low-lying reef that separates the motu's, like this one at the southern end of the main atoll, emerges at low tide but is submerged again at high tide. Not very comfortable nor very safe to walk on, unless you have sturdy shoes and know well the times of tides. tuv26 The meteorological station. tuv27 On this day, two exciting events took place simultaneously at the Funafuti Airport. A private plane is about to take off, and a crowd of demonstrators has gathered to show their support for Taiwan. tuv28 Taiwan provides generous assistance, as a sign of gratitude for the recognition given by Tuvalu, which is a member of the UN. Here, Tuvaluans have (been) gathered to show their support for the entrance of Taiwan in the WHO. tuv29 After the demonstration, free drinks and gadgets for the kids. tuv30 More significantly, Taiwan has helped Tuvalu with medical care and with the donation of the government building, depicted here. tuv31 Also Japan is an active close friend of Tuvaluans, in return for their support in the disputed practice of whaling. Here, a fire truck clearly shows its origin. Australia is another big donor (airport terminal and wharf among its contributions). tuv32 Good night Tuvalu!